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The Place
We Were Made.
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Read the new novel by Lauren Jones.


The Place We Were Made

For 26-year-old Kit Reilly, change is less like a holiday and more like a cruise on rough seas with a questionable seafood buffet. She’s a lover of spreadsheets, scopes out the menu online before dinner and if there’s nowhere to park, she isn’t going. Kit loves her stable life, but it’s turned on its head when her parents announce they are divorcing after forty years of marriage.

Kit struggles to cope with this new reality as her siblings take sides. This is only made worse when her parents put the family home up for sale and she stumbles upon the bucket list her and her twin, Bea, wrote as children. Bea has done everything; Kit has done nothing.

With the help of her childhood friend, Danny, who is also facing an uncertain future, she embarks on a series of new adventures. From performing on stage to eating a croissant in Paris, Kit learns she is capable of more than she thought possible. That is until she uncovers the secret that destroyed her parent’s marriage and just how much her family has kept from her.

As Kit navigates the complexities of family dynamics, changing relationships and growing up, she discovers that sometimes the only way to move forward is to let go.

Tell Me How It Ends

There is no ideal way to find out your father is dead. For Hallie Townsend, a thirty-second news bulletin would be at the bottom of the list. But what can you do when your dad is Ellery Yates, the world’s biggest fantasy writer?

A fantasy writer with a best-selling series that is currently unfinished.

Now, in her position as literary executor, Hallie discovers that Ellery’s world isn’t all perfect prose and epic battle sequences. With the pressure of appointing another author to finish the series and the expectations of a dedicated fandom, Hallie’s life has been turned on its head.

The obvious choice is the illustrious Mason Parrish, a fan favourite with impressive credentials, but when Fletcher Larson, Ellery’s tenacious and handsome young protégé gets involved, Hallie has a more difficult decision to make.

Can she finish her father’s story, or will the ending die with him?


About the Author

Lauren Jones grew up in North Queensland and now lives in Brisbane with her graphic designer husband and two mini dachshunds.

She started writing stories as a kid and thought time-travelling high fantasy was an easy place to start, she was wrong. Since then, Lauren has worked on her craft, gravitating toward contemporary fiction and drawing inspiration from her poorly curated music playlist.


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